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  • Promolux the Standard for New OEM Refrigerated Merchandisers

    As an original equipement manufacturer, the best reason you have for installing Promolux in your commercial displays is to add value and support the performance of your case for you grocery and food retail clients.

    Their business relies on the twin functions of proper commercial display lighting; presentation and shelf-life extension.

    Promolux professional food lighting delivers both.

        1. Superior Display - Balanced Spectrum Lighting = Superior Color Representation
    • Proper lighting draws shoppers attention to the case.
    • The heightened visual impact of the display showcses foods natural colors.
    • Food colors are vibrant and appealing without over illuminating the case.

        2. Protection - Safe Spectrum Lighting
    • Highest level of visible and non-visible radiation filtration protects foods
    • Shatter-proof lamps support food safety onbjectives
    • Shelf-life extension - perishables foods last longer and stay fresher

    Image of Oem beverage case lightsWhen lighting makes that critical difference, you are doing your supermarket store clients a service by engineering Promolux into your manufacturerd display cases.

    Regular fluorescent lighting is not designed for fresh food displays emit high levels of heat and ultraviolet light, and are frequently responsible for surface drying and discoloration fo foods which result in poor product quality and shortened shelf life. This is a common challenge for many food retailers.

    For the OEM industry, the focus is on fabricating commercial display equipment that not only allows for ease of access and merchandising but which also supports product integrity.

    OEM's who discipline themselves in installing proper case lighting have a significant advantage over their industry counter-parts.

    Contact us today to learn more about our OEM product line of food lighting.

    Professional Food Lighting for Grocery Display Case Manufacturers

    Image of meat case lightsAs a commercial equipment specialist, you understand how a properly designed piece of equipment can make such a difference to a business. It's not enough to design an attractive display case with beautiful curved glass and brass finishing and then spec in lights that will bathe merchandise in yellow or greenish hues detracting from their natural radiant beauty. Match the excellence of your designs with top of the line professional food lighting.

    Many retailers are already specifiying that Promolux lights be built-in when they order their new food merchandising cabinets.

    Image of Promolux lights in case canopyAttending a industry tradeshow? Install Promolux lights in your display cases and let potential customers see for themselves the superior color rendering they can enjoy in their own stores.

    Promolux specialty food lighting transforms a mediocre food display into a spectacular one with an award winning combination of color and freshness.

    It is obvious that top quality lighting is an essential ingredient in presenting effective retail food displays, especially for fresh foods and specialty items.

    Image of Barker Prepared Foods CaseThe Promolux advantage is clear:

    • value added to OEM merchandisers
    • simply spectacular retail food lighting
    • food safe lighting for the supermarket industry
    • profitable - attract sales and extend shelf life.

    Display case manufacturers can take a proactive role in providing solutions to their customers' merchandising problems by installing lamps specifically designed for retail merchandisers.

    Promolux Lighting International makes specialized lighting for food display cases which help protect food freshness by limiting surface heating and drying of foods on display.

    Promolux combines the merchandising advantage of superior color rendering with benefits of longer shelf life due to reduced damage from harmful heat and light emissions in commercial display lighting applications.

    The Benchmark of Supermarket Equipment Display Lighting

    Deterioration of perishable food is accelerated when foods are on display, due especially to exposure to heat and light. Commercial lighting is often a prime contributor of shortened product shelf life and wasted food.

    Bridging the gap between lighting and food, Promolux lights illuminate products in the truest light and keep foods fresher longer. The freshness of products is maintained and the shelf life is increased by up to 100%.

    In most instances, shrinkage reductions, extended shelf life and reduced labor costs enable retailers to save hundreds of dollars each month!

    Contact us today to learn more about our OEM product line of food lighting engineered to help grocery retailers perform at their best.

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